An Introduction

About me


It was shortly after shooting this image from Helm Crag, in conversation with Chris Sale during a days outing, vlogging in The Lake District that I decided to build this website. Chris inspired me, made me believe that maybe I do have something to offer, like he does, and so here goes, enter the world of blogging. Why not. I’ve been vlogging for nearly a year, blogging is more common and easier, right?

August 2007 I was in a place where I needed a new interest. Since childhood, I’d ticked off stamp collecting, coin collecting, train and plane spotting. I’d grown to love the great outdoors and often spent time putting myself at risk of breaking bones through my passion of Mountain biking. Like most things however, time dealt it’s hand, the urge was wearing thin to don the Lycra and so a new passion emerged, landscape photography. I’d been successful at school with graphic design and knew I had a creative flair. This was it, this was my outlet. The journey began.