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On the 3rd July 2017, I posted my very first video on YouTube. I had finally done it, started my own little media journey. I had been watching videos on YouTube for several years, the majority of which I had picked up valuable information from and also gained a sense of elation as I knew I had the potential of joining the party. So it began.

That first episode will remain fond in my heart for many years, a 20 minute rambling around Martindale in The Lake District. Since then things have improved such as the audio quality, the videography and the episodes have been shortened quite considerably. As I write this, a year has nearly passed since my opening episode and I have gained a good number of followers to my channel. I have joined a community of fellow YouTube vloggers along the way, in particular Chris Sale who I owe towards increasing my exposure and who has also become a good friend. I must also mention another vlogger and landscape photographer, John Haswell. John was my second collaboration after Chris and is the creator of the Facebook group, Landscape Photography on You Tube UK

A fellow vlogger, Simon Burn, recently asked me to do a piece to camera, explaining why I vlog. I have always enjoyed being in front of a camera, finding it an outlet to express by personality and wit. I was put in the naughty corner often at school and rather enjoyed the limelight. It was also a media to share my passion for landscape photography. My main challenge is to ensure there is a balance between producing good entertaining videos and maintain a good standard of photography. As with a lot of things in life, improvement comes with practice.

I find it important to be an individual and also to do things my way. I am keen to carry this mantra through to when producing my vlogs. The number of vloggers, in particular in landscape photography, has increased dramatically throughout the last year and indeed since a certain Thomas Heaton arrived on the scene in 2015. Although this is great for variation and discovery of new talent, it is also increasingly more difficult to gain exposure. Individuality therefore is paramount and the challenge of producing new and interesting content is the key to stand out. I love what I do and can honestly say that without vlogging, my photography may have been impacted as the desire to release regular vlogs, means another day out, enjoying the art.

Visit my You Tube channel

Chris Sale You Tube channel

John Haswell You Tube channel

2 thoughts on “The Vlogger

  1. Fascinating insight into how you got into vlogging and the ‘journey’ that you’ve been on ever since. I’ve been watching your channel right from the start and never miss an episode. A wonderful blend of photography, hiking with a dash of humour thrown in for good measure. Brilliant stuff!


    1. Thank you my friend and what a wonderful journey it has been and will no doubt continue to be. Fellow vloggers like yourself have inspired me to deliver the goods and proved the importance of putting a personal touch to my work. Individuality is key


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