The Perfect Photographer


img_2431This is now my 11th year of creating landscape photography. I feel that I am finally getting somewhere in the past year in terms of satisfaction with what I am producing. I recall however feeling the same before but when I look back at my images at around the same time, I am somewhat disappointed now and that same elation is not being felt.

I feel that as a photographer, the technical know how will not improve significantly. The hardest part is remembering to execute it at the time when the technical skills are needed in the field. Learning composition and knowing what works is key towards becoming a better photographer. The question is however, who is the judge that decides what is and what is not a good composition. There are no formal qualifications or masters of landscape photography that are turned to to that make the decision of what a perfect photograph is. Neither is it the amount of likes that are received on social media, the achievement of getting an image published or the winning entry in a competition.

Like music, landscape photography is subjective. What works for one, doesn’t necessary work for another. In my opinion, the best judge is the photographer and what is felt when the final image is processed and ready to be displayed. If the image brings that instant feeling of achievement and a sense of elation, then that for me is perfection. Landscape photographers are constantly searching for that one place where all the elements are perfectly aligned and the light is perfectly cast. It may never happen but it could and it is possible, which is why landscape photography is a drug that is addictive.

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Photographer

  1. I’m lucky in many ways James that I am still satisfied with a lot of the images that I take. I am less interested in the technical aspects of composition and exposure – for me it’s all about the emotions that are evoked or the memories that are stirred. I think that is part of the reason why I will never sell my images – that are for me and for me alone. Nobody will ever have the same connection with them that I do.


    1. Very interesting take and that is why the art is so appealing. I struggle to shoot a landscape image with the objective to tell a story. For me it’s all about the composition and light and the emotion it evokes. To sell an image or to receive any kind of praise for my art is such a pleasure and feeling of achievement.


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