Create a story


I have heard many a time the importance of using photography to tell a story or take a photograph that tells a story. I have often struggled with this theory in all honesty when it comes to landscape photography. Here’s my interpretation.

Look at the image below I shot earlier this year after returning from a hike up Clough Head in The Lake District;

The story begins with an opening, an introduction into the scene, inviting you to explore beyond. The white lines act as a strong lead in line, meandering into the scene. Curves and S shapes always excite the viewer more than straight lines. Mystery and uncertainty. The opening scene moves on to the next chapter.

A good story has good characters, each with their own personalities. Here there are the confident trees on the right, dressed in their silver glory on a stage that is spot lit like that in a theatre. We also have conflict with the grandeur of the ferns in the background, fighting for their own attention and adding further drama to the story.

Atmosphere is present with the low lying clouds hiding what lies beyond, clothing the fells and their secrets. This is a story that invites you to move forward along the road, meeting interesting characters along the way and move into unknown territory, through the clouds and further to what is unknown. Let your imagination take whatever path you chose.

Ok, it maybe slightly tongue in cheek but the reality is, create something interesting and it holds the viewers attention, resulting in reflection and evoking an all important emotion.

2 thoughts on “Create a story

  1. Hmm, storytelling in landscape photography – a pretty difficult task but if you can pull it of it makes for a better image. When trying to figure out what story I want to tell it helps me to think of the main subject of the photograph as the protagonist and it’s surroundings as the situation – it’s then just a case of working out how the 2 combine to tell a story. Unfortunately that is easier said than done!


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