Little minor adjustments


I’ve recently released a vlog of a trip to my favourite part of the Yorkshire Dales. Souther Scales near Chapel le Dale is a limestone and tree paradise. This paradise however is not an easy stroll down the park. This is potential ankle breaking country if you get it wrong and lose footing down one of the many grykes. The positioning of a tripod takes extra effort here but once the right spot is found, the rewards are worth it. Finding the right spot is the challenge.

For many landscape photographers, to find the right angle and positioning to produce a good composition is often too easily overlooked. What is needed here however is an understanding what works the best. To have a good eye for a good photograph is either naturally attained or developed through experience of viewing others, learning composition and making mistakes just to name a few.

In particular I refer to placing the focal point, foreground lines, diagonals to that it all balances within the frame. It’s important to find the point where distractions are limited and don’t conflict with other parts of the scene. It can be a science I n itself and as landscape photographers we may never achieve the perfect composition. We can however tread closer just by not accepting our first attempt. It’s important to believe that if the scene is working well then it is worth that little extra time.

The below image is not perfect but I am pleased with what I found and the final angles that I settled with. It is not all about the positioning of course. The light and conditions are the final icing on the cake. This is what makes an image get to another level if it is right. This however is so often not within our control. Positioning and composition is. The journey continues.




One thought on “Little minor adjustments

  1. Really great insight James. I know I am guilty of not spending enough time tweaking a composition. As you note, it takes experience to learn how to create a pleasing balance, especially when that talent doesn’t come naturally for me. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Jeff


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