2019…a great year


I’ve seen a lot of posts on social media showing their favourites images of the year. Indeed it’s good to look back on 2018 and review your achievements. I find this very motivating and as a sentimental person, love to relive those moments when I took the image. To be honest though, I haven’t looked to find a favourite. My goal for next year is to plan better and allocate time for photography rather than fit it in wherever possible.

I am in full time employment which includes working a full weekend per month. I am a father of a 4 year old who when not exploring the kitchen drawers, singing his heart out 80% of the day or skydiving on my head from the perch of the sofa, needs attention. My work exhausts me. I am a people manager and not all people are the same. I love my photography and vlogging and this is my time. It’s very important to me to keep this going.

My only planned time is my photography sessions themselves which are currently every fortnight. I do occasionally fit another one in should time allow me to. A normal photography session is a full days event including travel. I combine my love of photography with my love of the fells so can involve a 10 mile plus hike. These sessions are usually no easy walk in the park but I put the time away to make sure these happen.

What I am mainly referring to is what I call admin time. Editing videos, editing photo’s, updating my social media, updating my website which includes uploading new photo’s and also to write a blog. Going forward into 2019, I am planning to allocate 2 days per week for admin. I will not however pressurise myself and suffer burnout. I will however make a point to balance it out and stay committed.

So what is in store for 2019? I will continue to commit to fortnightly photo sessions where possible but I am hoping to meet other vloggers. I have 4 in mind as we speak. Just to imagine this time last year I had not been on a landscape photography session with another photographer is hard to believe. My good YouTube buddy Chris Sale introduced me to this concept of being socialable. On the subject of Chris, we are planning a workshop in Spring, jointly run for an exclusive one time price of zero. Hopefully this will lead on to further adventures.

It has always been a goal and sure for many a landscape photographer to sell prints. 2019 will see the launch of my print shop on my website. I also plan to produce a calendar for 2020. This calendar will be different, the images will be selected not by me but my audience. I hope to increase interaction and form a loyal group of people who follow me on YouTube. I am proud to have a good set of subscribers and pleased my YouTube channel has grown in 2018. I want this light to not go out.

I’ll leave this blog with a selection of my favourite images. I have absolutely loved 2018 and looking forward to 2019. Keep smiling




7 thoughts on “2019…a great year

  1. Hi James. I discovered your YT channel sometime in early 2018. I had just rekindled my interest in photography and I had watched a few YT channels in years past, so when I began searching this year, I was surprised and pleased to find so much quality information available. I have subscribed to many vloggers, probably too many, but there are a small handful that are in “must watch” territory and yours is certainly at the top of the list. I am in the tremendously fortunate position to have retired from work at a relatively young age, but like you, I used to work a very busy and hectic schedule. I don’t think I could have combined and all of the work and family commitments as you have done and still produce professional quality videos. It really is quite an accomplishment and I do not take your work for granted. Thank you for putting in the time and effort. I think that someday, you will have a great time sharing these videos with your son!

    As for your collection of 2018 images, they are fantastic. Since you did not select a single fave, I will not either. Suffice to say, they are all worthy. Have a great 2019. Very much looking forward to the workshop. Cheers, Jeff


    1. Very much appreciated Jeff. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard work keeping it going but the joy of it all and the motivating comments keep me going. I will not allow myself to become burnt out and post content for the sake of it. I do have ideas for 2019 however and I will have to plan my time and keep it well balanced. A massive thank you Jeff, take care


      1. Hi James. I’m not on FB. I will DM you on Twitter. Big fun yesterday! Thank you very much for including me.


      2. James, apparently I cannot direct message you on Twitter because you do not follow me. (Feel free to follow me 😉) You can DM me on Twitter at @thejeffogden. I’ll reply with my contact details—or get my email from Chris. Cheers.


  2. Dear Mr. Burns,

    my name is Dirk Trampedach, and I live in Germany. So, exuse my mistakes, which I overlook certainly. I would like to say thank you very much for all this inspiring statements, the wonderful photographs, and the connectedness to your home, which ones you place in your youtube videos. For me, it is a confirmation of my own philosophy. To be outside in the nature, slow down speed, pay attention in the great things, which surround me, and try to find a composition, which includes light, emotions and my individual view, means a great pleasure and luck to me. I mostly use my VW T25 Campervan to go out. Hiking, camping and photography is my favorite mixture. Therefore, I am pleased to recognize, that there are people like you, hiking, climbing, and taking photographs. There is a special kind of spirit in all of this, thank you for all of your soulful designs! I’m really looking forward to every new video from you. These contents give me a lot. If time and muse remains, I would like to invite you to visit my website. I would be very happy…
    Best regards,
    Dirk Trampedach (www.dt-classics.de)


    1. Very kind words Dirk. The main aim of my channel and how I deliver it is to inspire. We can easily allow the pace of life to take hold and sometimes it does. As long as we have the time to escape to the hills and enjoy the solitude, everything else doesn’t matter. I envy you and your camper van. You are certainly at an advantage to get to the hills at sunrise. Appreciate your time and I will pay a visit to your website. Thanks


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