This is why I do it


Location: Dale Head, Lake District

January had been a challenging month for me due to work commitments so I had been looking forward to this day for a while. Leading up to the day, there was still doubt as the Mrs was on the back of suffering from Women Flu (thankfully not as bad as Man Flu) and child care was limited. I got the nod however and off I ventured to The Lake Distrist, heading to Honister slate mine in the North Western region of the area with the plan to hike to Dale Head.

I had been hit by the dreaded wind on my last few vlogging/photography adventures and this day was no exception. Wind is my worst enemy when trying to record audio, despite my external microphone been clothed with a dead cat. A dead Mammoth wouldn’t have helped me much here as it was blowing a hooly. The low lying clouds looked good and I managed to find a good foreground for my first image but the visibility became poor as I continued to climb up to my destination.

I wanted to make the most of the foggy conditions and searched for some landscape features which wood make for some interesting compositions. I wanted to use the conditions which are favourable in woodland photography, using seperation to add interest. I was unable to find anything however at the time but the remnants of slate mining within the area would no doubt be cause for a return at a later date.

I finally experienced Winter as I approached the summit of Dale Head at 753 metres. There was a faint covering of snow which added a certain appeal to the surrounding landscape. I was looking forward to the views of Newlands Valley which I had read to be some of the finest in the Lake District. The low lying clag had other thoughts for me however and the scene at the time was a mass of white. There were occasional signs as time moved on of the valley below and faint splashes of light began to appear. I walked along the ridge, heading East and the clouds slowly moved along and the valley below me started to form a truly wonderful sight. Eventually the scene had developed into a masterpiece of viewing, draped with sporadic cloud and the ridges on either side hit by light, forming a breath taking moment. I felt a comforting warmth inside me and this was a moment where I felt privileged to be alive and lucky enough to witness.

Watch the video

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