In search of a composition


Location: near Dale Head/ Dale Head tarn, Lake District

It is not easy being a landscape photographer. Not everything false into place and aligns just as you want it to. The important thing to remember however is that it is more likely it will not work out and accept it. The allure of finding the right combination of all the elements in one place is what grips us and keeps us going.

I continue my adventure from the Dale Head area and explore the area around Dale Head Tarn. I find there are numerous elements and options to play with and making the decision to include them or not is very important. The key is to build a composition which allows the eye to move around the scene and avoid being static. It is important to create diagonals and balance. This sounds good in writing but nature teases us and makes it difficult.

I am lately opting to use my wide angle lens in favour of my telephoto. A lens that was predominant in making my images in 2018. Through looking at social media and being influenced by other photographers, I am definitely opting to create images with greater depth, including foreground, middle ground and background. Positioning of the elements that pleases the eye  is not an easy task and the use of natures lines is a test that will continue.

This episode not only includes images with depth but also a final classic image of a mountain vista using my telephoto. That image did not involve much demanding search. It was a scene that fell into place and just worked. Occasionally it happens and it is those occasions that again, keeps the landscape photographer continuing their journeys.

watch the video here

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