Lakeside Muse


Location: Grasmere, Lake District

In my previous outings with the camera, I had been subjected to very poor weather conditions and especially suffered from a bad case of wind. This day was different, at last I was in calm and tranquil surroundings where the ambience was of lakeside geese and other cries of birds at dawn. I was at the lake side of Grasmere in the central Lake District and the morning colours were putting on a wonderful display.

I was due to meet a fellow landscape photographer, video maker and good friend, Chris Sale at around 6:30am. I wasn’t going to miss the morning colour show without videoing and attempting to get a shot of this beautiful scene developing around me. Sorry Chris but your’e going to have to wait! It was one of those occasions however where I have learnt that just enjoying the occasion was more beneficial than racing around trying to get a composition. This morning however I was lucky and faced with a classic composition of a reflected lake where the elements were nicely balanced. The sky added the interest with some wonderful cloud formations never to be captured again.

The morning developed into a session where the surroundings were so beautiful yet frustrating at the same time as finding a composition that was different than the usual was proving difficult. There was no reason however to not enjoy such a peaceful morning and felt gifted to be there. The occasion was spoilt when I stumbled on a plastic bottle left behind in the grasses that surround the lake side. Through my adventures of exploring the Lake District, I had come across various pieces of litter that some inconsiderate person, for want of better words, had lazily discarded and thought better of taking it with them. We have a beautiful place at a finger tips which is free to roam and enjoy. We are the envy of many people in the world who are not lucky enough to have such beautiful landscapes yet for some and yes the minority, it is too much to keep it tidy.

We were blessed that morning with some beautiful and conditions and surroundings and felt lucky to be there. This is why I do it.

Watch the video

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