One Shot/Great Mell Fell


Posted: 10th March 2019

Location: Glenridding & Great Mell Fell, Lake District

In this episode, I visit a fell that has been on the cards for some time now. Not only have I not ticked this relatively small fell of my list but I have heard good stories and potential compositions to be found. Great Mell Fell in The Lake District did not disappoint.

I start off the day with a trip to Glenridding, in particular a shop selling mountaineering and outdoor adventure equipment, They have kindly reserved me a photography book by one of my favourite landscape photographers, James Bell. ‘Capture Lakeland’ is his first edition and is such a wonderful display of James’s photographic talent and knowledge of my favourite National Park.

I meet up with Mali Davies, one of You Tubes biggest landscape photography characters and one I have had the pleasure of knowing for a good year now. The trip was never going to be dull with this man besides me and his enthusiasm and excitement of the art is a pleasure to be part of.

Great Mell Fell has lots of potential with its weathered trees and rolling fells as backgrounds but I found it daunting on this first visit. Places like this make me feel overwhelmed as there is so much potential and in the right light, plenty of portfolio images are on offer. One shot is all it took to make me happy that day and set me up for a revisit. The session was ended with one of those great moments where the last thing I wanted to do was to run around looking for a composition. A sunset to remember.

Watch the video

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