A Different view – Buttermere


My creative side comes into strength when I am on my own.I find it is good to be free of any conversation and social interaction. What I have learnt however over the past year with landscape photography is the importance of the community spirit and having a craic with good like minded people who share a common interest. I love this art form.

This episode is filmed from Buttermere, situated in the North Western area of the Lake District. There are a couple of iconic shots from which are the lone tree at the Northern end and the pine trees at the Southern end. I believe a landscape photographers, it is important to experiment and venture away from the normal views. By shooting the iconic shots, we are basically allowing someone else to do the creativity for us when finding the composition.I try to find a different view and an alternative take on a scene.

I am joined by a couple of other landscape photographers which made this morning a thoroughly enjoyable occasion, some of which is captured on film. Having a craic is a good foundation to set you up for the times when thoughts of building up a good composition is needed. I didn’t take one single shot whilst both Darren J Spoonley and Diarmuid O’Donovan were with me. Memories of the morning however will keep with me for a long time

Watch the video

2 thoughts on “A Different view – Buttermere

  1. Enjoyed the video James. I’ve watched a few of Darren’s vids but I’m not familiar with Dairmuid. I know what you mean about the iconic shots but for me at my skill level, I cannot resist them. You have the ability to find other great shots. It’s a good lesson for me to continue to hunt for different shots. I’m getting better at it—might be something I learned at a recent workshop. 😉 I quite like your shots of the dead pines. The small pools and little islands make the shots for me. Cheers, Jeff


    1. Thanks Jeff. Don’t get me wrong, the iconics work well for a reason and good to have in a starting portfolio. We can learn from them why they have become iconic and take away to use similar compositional elements to other scenes. The dead pines will be revisited for sure. Not an easy place to shoot believe me. Cheers Jeff


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