Improve photography/composition-part 1 of probably alot


Published: 31st March 2019

Location: Blea Tarn & Lingmoor Fell

The day started at Blea Tarn, Lake District as part of my first introductory workshop with co host Chris Sale. This was a thank you session for our subscribers. A day of excellent views, banter and conversations of composition. Taking a decent photograph is as if not more important to getting the best photography gear. It’s about what you put on that sensor.

In this episode, I briefly touch on the importance and use of lines, whether it be man made or natural and how to place them in the frame. Lines in landscape photography is such a dynamic element and can often make or break a photograph. Foreground and background are also deal breakers but also the inclusion of a middle ground element that helps to guide the eye through the composition is equally as important in landscape photography.

Watch the video

One thought on “Improve photography/composition-part 1 of probably alot

  1. Congratulations on a very successful trip out with like minded photographers. Iā€™m sure eveygot something extra to add to their photography arsenal. Look forward to watching this week video James and of course, Sithee soon šŸ‘


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