Exmoor ramblings


Posted: 21st April 2019

Location: Near Porlock, Exmoor

This was a morning of hope more than a precision planned photography session. I had in mind an area where I would park up, sort of. I also had a few subjects I wanted to photograph, sort of. I headed up from Porlock, Somerset on the coastal road, driving West towards Lynmouth. I was in the middle of a family trip and the Mrs had so kindly agreed for me to enjoy myself with my camera for a couple of hours, sort of. It was a fleeting mention the previous evening during Coronation street. Very tactful. I honestly believe she has finally accepted that when we’re away, my camera bag will follow. The sessions are still timed however.

It was a very early morning start driving, stopping, driving stopping. From my first parking location I headed towards the coastal view. There was no potential due to the view being obscured by hedges. A careful cock of the leg over the barbed wire didn’t prove to be successful, the views were there but lacking anything in foreground interest. I got back into my car and ventured to the next parking area.

Stop! A knarly tree that resembles something like those found up North. I decided to take a chance and see what I could find. The clock was ticking but still I was confident. I had to make a video with at least 1 photograph that I liked. This is the pressures of vlogging. Looking back at my past videos, I felt that I have posted images that I am not proud of displaying. It is with time however that I have discovered the importance of producing videos of landscape photography sessions. It is simply fact that not all sessions produce content in terms of a good photograph. Going forward I will stick with this mantra and continue with the story telling. That is what vlogging is about, it’s a video log. The photography will always come first however but to not film an outing without the camera is proving difficult.

The morning went on and the return to the Mrs alarm was getting closer and closer. I was still relaxed however as I always am when when producing my videos and searching for that composition that I am proud to be on my sensor. I was pleased to discover my first and second images. This was the icing on the cake. I returned later in the morning to a fine welcome of a devils stare. I had over ran by half an hour. The rest of the holiday was very enjoyable albeit the weather and I have fallen in love with the area, having been on a few occasions now. Porlock is a small village, set in a leafy valley, where the locals smile and say hello. I will no doubt continue my discovery of Exmoor and it’s surrounding areas in the future. Before I go, a thank you to my brother for allowing me to stay in your wonderful little cottage.

Watch the video


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