Time to move on


Location: Ullswater, Lake District

Posted: 19th May 2019

Landscape photographers are often faced with the burning issue of deciding whether to move on from a location or to give it more time. These decisions of course can result in a better image or time wasted. During my recent visit to Ullswater, I was faced with this dilemma.

It is a beautiful location and one of my favourites in the Lake District. I was at this location, specifically Glencoyne which is on the Northern side of the lake last year and captured some wonderful scenes armed with my telephoto. This time was different however. It was the middle of the day and there no colours in the sky or mist hovering over the water so it was time to move on. Being a video maker and attempting to speak at the side of a busy road was also proving difficult

A stones throw away from the road was an area full of the joys of Spring with it’s luscious greens, white blossoms and photogenic gnarly trees. It was definitely worth an explore. I quickly discovered that the area was difficult trying to find seperation and compose a shot excluding distractions. I was also battling the rain…i’ve been there before. All was not lost however. Some good timings with my cloth and I managed to bring home the goods. This was another moody day, full of atmosphere but at the same time full of challenges.

Watch the video

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