Malham/The Return


Posted: 16th June 2019

Location: Malham Cove

The last time I visited Malham Cove, I was met with very wet conditions with the added element of gusty wind. That wasn’t ideal of course as a landscape photographer trying to come back with the goods. I promised a few of my YouTube channel subscribers and viewers that I would return shortly. My eye was attracted by a cluster of tree which had formed some rather interesting shapes. A return to the location was definitely on the cards when the conditions were more favourable. This morning session was about the return and the better light that had come with me.

To be honest, I discovered that the composition I had in mind was not as simple as I initially thought and had visualised. I did however position myself where at the time, I believed led to the best composition. The light was fleeting and on a couple of occasions it had come and gone in quick succession. I managed to capture it both times however. You will see from the gallery below that images I took showed the background lit and the foreground lit. My preference is the foreground lit as it helps to reduce the busyness of the background.

I was blessed with some moody skies later on in the morning but the rain decided to stay away just in time for me to shoot a couple of images to the session, working with the wonderful limestone formations.

Weeks later since the session and reviewing the images, I cannot help to think that the images can further be improved. The tree images with the background of the rolling hills is too distracting for me and would definitely favour a misty and foggy day where the background scene is obscured, allowing the eye to focus on the subject, the trees. The black and white images are pleasing but the background could be stronger. This is a location I will return to….again and again.

Watch the video

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