Before the crowds


I have recently read in social media of an opinion that landscape photographers should not name their locations so to limit the number of visitors which leads to damaging the environment. I am all for the importance of preserving our wonderful country side but I feel that not disclosing the location is not sharing the beauty such locations have to offer. As photographers, I believe it is important to aim to capture a different take of a scene. We should however educate ourselves on what we can do as photographers to maintain a beautiful location and the environment. I may touch on this in future vlogs.

In this session I visit one of the popular locations in the Lake District. I would guess the location to be more popular with non photographers and tourists. It is a place of beauty that is for sure and in this short photography session of around 3 hours, I feel I only touched the surface. Tarn Howes is situated off the A593 heading to Coniston and car parking is easily found just past the equally beautiful Yew Tree Tarn, which incidentally lies just under Holme Fell, a haven for landscape photography. I’m really not helping the environmental cause here. I am however sharing.

There was a faint veil of cloud covering the mid morning sun as I found my first composition. As I often do the location lead me off the path, treading carefully around the ferns, to the tarns edge. My luck was in. The tarn was in abundance with Lilly pads in flower. Excellent photographic subject. It was indeed a subject which I found hard to take my creative eye away from.

The crowds were slow to gather but slowly gather they did. By noon I could imagine the main car park be swamped with visiting hordes. I past a number of families, tourists with cameras and barbecue cooks on my way back to the car. The voices of people enjoying themselves in such a wonderful place started to echoe around me as I left the tarn with fond memories and a desire to return, albeit even earlier next time.

Watch the video

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