Holme Fell is waiting for Autumn


The Season

Without a doubt, Autumn is the time of year where the majority of hungry landscape photographers, no matter what skill level, head out on location to attempt to capture their take on the colours that the season has on offer.

For me the season is equal to Winter. Both bring manageable sunrise and sunset times. A lot of my photography is done in the Lake District which is a 2 to 3 hour drive. I can be on location during Autumn from leaving home at a silly hour but not stupidly silly. That is a bonus. In addition to the extra hours/minutes in bed, Autumn brings that cool, damn air which is refreshing and warmly. The greatest selling point for this season is of course the hues that spread throughout the landscape if blazened with the right foliage. Yellow, Orange, Bronze can be in abundance. There is also more likelihood of mist being present, that magical ingredient to aid separation and one that lovers of landscape photography long for.

The Location

Holme Fell is situated in the Southern Region of the Lake District National Park. It stands proud above what is equally a gem of a place, Yew Tree Tarn. The short but sharp hike up to the Holme Fell takes in some wonderful views of the surrounding pines and larches, especially in a morning where the subjects are backlit. The key here is keeping it simple with the composition. As the climb ascends, numerous Silver Birch’s can be seen looking in a North Easterly direction. Opportunities increase and as the height is gained, it soon comes apparent that Silver Birch is in abundance with its glorious metallic white bark against a background of green and bronze background depending on the season and conditions. The main attraction looking North East is the distinguished and prominent Langdales pikes. Harrison Stickle with what reminds me of a molar tooth, carving its shape against the horizon. Foreground interest is in abundance but you have to work hard which makes the reward even more enjoyable.

Listing the features of Holme Fell, this is a paradise for landscape photographers, especially in Autumn;

Silver Birch

Heather in late Summer/ early Autumn

A small tarn

Interesting rock formations that create good foreground interest

Close to Yew Tree Tarn, a gem in itself

Views of the Langdale Pikes

Views of the Eastern Fells including Fairfield and Helvellyn, telephoto lens is a must

Slate in abundance

It is a magical place but it is a place that will frustrate you as well. Captured in the right conditions and the rewards will be very satisfying.



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