Creating a Lockdown album


There is no question, 2020 will leave a lasting memory for the majority of the people on this planet. As I write this article, there is no indication when society will get back to a normal way of life. Lockdown measures are still in place. Social distancing has become a natural behaviour for many. In the UK, our daily exercise is something to look forward to. It is no longer a chore but an escape from your homely confines. For many people with a passion for landscape photography, an opportunity for a slice of normality.

I believe landscape photography should continue, albeit a very different approach. Following lockdown guidelines, there is no doubt that this world will slowly return to what we know. We must be sensible and keep a 2 metre distance away from people other than our family/friends that we live with. We must take measures to wash our hands and restrict travel to non essential journeys.

I felt it important to document these times. A time where we will look back on and reflect how we had to attempt to keep safe. I have created an album/project which not only showcases my favourite images but also proof that I adapted. There is no question that we should continue taking photographs but do it sensibly. All of my images were shot handheld and with reduced time to fine tune compositions.

I am lucky to live within a semi rural location and all shots were taken within a 3 mile radius of my home. As a fell walker, continuing my exercise on a daily basis is very important to me. It works my muscles, fills my lungs with fresh air and allows my mental wellbeing to keep intact. The exercise is the primary importance. The photography is the documenting and added enjoyment.

Lockdown 2020 is a project that I will add images to during this situation we are currently in. I have not limited the time period for when the images are taken. We are not sure how long this will last as I write this article.

In the video below, I document the capturing of images from a very local location. This is literally a stones throw away from my house. A place where the blossom was on full show. Stay safe and keep clicking.

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