Black and white landscape photography is a favourite genre of mine and The Yorkshire Dales is my home National Park. These two components are combined to produce this collection ‘Carved’ .  Although I tend to spend the most of my time in the Lake District, this area of the The Dales hold some of the most interesting rock formations and photographic opportunities in the limestone pavement. They were originally formed from glaciers scouring the surface in the last ice age, moulded by mild acidic rain. The result is a pattern of ‘clints’ and ‘grykes’ which although can make very interesting features, can be treacherous to walk on.

As with most landscape photography, a focal point is necessary and the majority of this collection includes  gnarly trees as a subject to lead the eye on to. I have found that with a little patience and fine tuning, the opportunities for strong foreground interest with the right patterns and lines are very rewarding. RETURN TO HOME PAGE

7 thoughts on “Carved

  1. Hi James, Carved 5 my favourite, followed by 3 then 2. Your project is a little tighter than my own tree in b+W project but your results are inspiring me to keep going. Thanks for sharing your images and for your vlogs, entertaining and inspiring..


    1. Appreciate your comment Derrick. Good to see you’ve got some favourites. Hoping by the end of the year, they’ll be plenty more. Please share your project by sending me a link. Thanks again 👍👍😬


  2. Following your latest vlogo entitled The importance to Enjoy. I have come to have a look how your carved project is developing. An excellent set of mono images James and a very different collection from the Lake District video images you are known for (by me anyways) I could see these making for a great A4 print series in a cafe or pub somewhere within the Yorkshire area James.


    1. Thank you Alan. I’ve touched on it before but a book would be a good little product of it all. I’ve no end date to it all yet though. Definitely a market for the small Yorkshire Dales villages so a bit travelling around but have to be on the cards


  3. Hadn’t stumbled across your website until you prompted looking in you latest VLOG. The Carved project looks great – very moody and dark. Nothing quite like B&W even today when the colour science in cameras is outstanding. I do wonder if there is a juxtaposition to be had to these current shots – something very washed out, deliberately over exposed and with the clarity slider pulled well to the left, just leaving skeletal scratches on he image of the really strong shapes – just a thought…………great stuff and I look forward to more


  4. Stunning images and all very different to anyone else’s compositions. Thoughtfully created and beautiful balance. A wonderful collection, a place I also need to spend more time in and Twistleton scar.


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