Shades of yesterday

Images taken throughout Yorkshire of historical architecture, predominately of Victorian mills and buildings of that era. The common theme of this collection is the choice of conditions of when they were taken, using the light and shadows from a sunny day. This collection will be built around my favourite images that will also be seen in my project work of Saltaire, Bradford and Calderdale. RETURN TO HOME PAGE

2 thoughts on “Shades of yesterday

  1. My wife and I regularly watch YouTube photography vloggers and recently found your channel. So far, we’ve only watched you gathering images of Victorian-era mills. The slide show at the end of each episode is brilliant! Your images suggest what days long gone might have looked like and are deeply satisfying and inspirational! Cheers from Washington State, USA!


    1. Thank you very much Walter. I am blessed with local history here in West Yorkshire and only recently began to explore its photographic potential. Not only do I enjoy this genre of photography but at the same time learning more each time of the history.



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