Malham/The Return


Posted: 16th June 2019

Location: Malham Cove

The last time I visited Malham Cove, I was met with very wet conditions with the added element of gusty wind. That wasn’t ideal of course as a landscape photographer trying to come back with the goods. I promised a few of my YouTube channel subscribers and viewers that I would return shortly. My eye was attracted by a cluster of tree which had formed some rather interesting shapes. A return to the location was definitely on the cards when the conditions were more favourable. This morning session was about the return and the better light that had come with me.

To be honest, I discovered that the composition I had in mind was not as simple as I initially thought and had visualised. I did however position myself where at the time, I believed led to the best composition. The light was fleeting and on a couple of occasions it had come and gone in quick succession. I managed to capture it both times however. You will see from the gallery below that images I took showed the background lit and the foreground lit. My preference is the foreground lit as it helps to reduce the busyness of the background.

I was blessed with some moody skies later on in the morning but the rain decided to stay away just in time for me to shoot a couple of images to the session, working with the wonderful limestone formations.

Weeks later since the session and reviewing the images, I cannot help to think that the images can further be improved. The tree images with the background of the rolling hills is too distracting for me and would definitely favour a misty and foggy day where the background scene is obscured, allowing the eye to focus on the subject, the trees. The black and white images are pleasing but the background could be stronger. This is a location I will return to….again and again.

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Weather – Sealed


Posted: 2nd June 2019

Location: Malham Cove

I’m not a full time landscape photographer. I cannot always chose the days I go out to shoot. British weather is often lousy. Can you tell where i’m going here?

The rain on that Saturday morning that session was relentless. It was soon accompanied by it’s friend, the wind. This made the session a battle for sure. I had equipped myself with all weather proof clothing but this didn’t help the concentration levels and constant wiping of the front element. I wasn’t too concerned with my camera body and lens as both weather proof. My video camera, Canon M50, was not. This made into a difficult, challenging but yet strangely rewarding photography session.

Part of the reason I opted to spend my money on a good camera body and lenses is times like I had at Malham Cove on this very wet morning. I was confident in my equipment. The vlogging was restricted however. I am a very determined individual and I wanted to produce a video and still come away with some images. Some may say i’m crazy, I have no issue with that. I like my vlogs to have a good story and what the rain did that day is to create interest and hopefully bring inspiration that we shouldn’t stay indoors just because it’s bad weather.

The trees in the images below were a good selection of opportunities in the area. The place is not just about the limestone path and 80 metre drop. There are plenty of knarly trees to be explored. I will return here very shortly to have another go when hopefully the weather will not be as distracting.

Your time will come


Location: Near Skipton, Yorkshire Dales & Kirkstone Pass, Lake District

Published: 12th May 2019

Patience is a gift and also a very important attribute to have in landscape photography. There are many times when I have been disappointed but this has been balanced with the few occasions that I have been pleased. Happiness comes in all forms but for me in landscape photography, that feeling of elation is when the conditions and composition fall into place at the right time. I do believe I shot my favourite image of the year.

En route to the Lake District, my eye brows raised as a scene was developing in the corner of my eye, through the front passenger window to be exact. The mist was rolling over the hills and on those hills stood faint outlines of trees, a landscape photographers favourite models. To my astonishment a lay by appeared at the side of the road. A hard foot on the break and with a swift steer of the driving wheel later, I pulled up and assessed the scene in front of me. I had made the right decision but what’s this? The clad was rolling in and my hopes were being rubbed out as if it was a pencil sketch in front of me. Could it be happening again? I was hearing a faint voice in my head saying ‘maybe another time’ Surely not.

My adventure continued from my next destination, a lay by off Kirkstone pass in the Lake District. Misty moody conditions were all around me and distant silhouettes of our favourite models could still be scene. Another moody day. I needed to find a composition and again, hope the misty mood would hang on until my conquest is complete. The journey continues.

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