This is why I do it


Location: Dale Head, Lake District

January had been a challenging month for me due to work commitments so I had been looking forward to this day for a while. Leading up to the day, there was still doubt as the Mrs was on the back of suffering from Women Flu (thankfully not as bad as Man Flu) and child care was limited. I got the nod however and off I ventured to The Lake Distrist, heading to Honister slate mine in the North Western region of the area with the plan to hike to Dale Head.

A touch of Snowdonia


Location: Nantgwynant and Dinorwig, Snowdonia

My first visit as a vlogger to this wonderful National Park, guided my Greg Whitton, an excellent photographer, video maker and like myself, a love of the mountains. A week prior to the day, Gregg had contacted me to say the snow is due to come and id generally be a fool to miss the opportunity. This is Britain however and things change with the weather. We were presented with driving rain and hard winds and myself being the organised outdoor photographer I was, I had forgotten my waterproofs. This was a mini tour and loop of Snowdonia which included sweet chocolate cake, heated seats, calming tunes and chip butties. I managed to capture some images but really this was a good recce of the place and a fine introduction to a land I will sure to revisit.

Watch the video here

Failure is an option


Location: Alcock Tarn & Stone Arthur, Lake District

The above 2 images at the bottom of this page at the time of shooting, were classed as a failure. This was the theme of the vlog. Looking back at these images and since uploading and editing in my digital darkroom, these shots have come to life. It was a failure however as I had pre envisioned exactly what I wanted to capture but I failed to achieve that.

I have more Likes than you


Social Media, a fairly new adventure in my life as I approach the better side of forty, a question in itself of my decision to enter into the same world of mainly troubled teenagers. The same arena where teenage girls feel confident having runway size eyebrows whilst the boys believe a moped can outrun any car on the road whilst pulling a mean wheelie. What indeed have I got myself into I ask myself. Along with thousands of similar aged people with shared interests, it’s quite enjoyable really.

Positively Wet – All Weather Photography


As I only have a small window of opportunity with getting out for photography and videography sessions, occasionally it’s a matter of getting on with it when the conditions are not favourable. I was prepared for the ‘spitty spatty’ rain and ensured I had 3 wiping cloths to hand to clear my lenses. I was in hope of an image to please my visionary desire. I had already decided it was going to be mono with some lovely atmospheric clouds framing the main subject. My glass half full attitude tied my boots, zipped my jacket, gripped my walking poles and off I set.

Story of an image – Path to Crinkle Crags


I had left the National Trust car park of Blea Tarn, having filmed an earlier vlog and photography session from Lingmoor Fell. I headed South then joined Wrynose Pass, heading West. I arrived at the Three Shire Stone, rather tired but in hope of coming away with at least one good composition, a goal which all landscape photographers should aim for rather than a multitude of mediocre shots.